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  • Over 35 Years of Building Better

    Founded in 1977, Brooks Construction Pty ltd is a personalised premium home builder. If you’re attracted to the concept of a personalised and quality home building experience from start to finish, Brooks is the best builder for you.

  • All the Right People

    We always hold onto the best people so you can feel confident in the consistency of our quality workmanship. Many of these craftsmen have been with us for many years. Because we trust their work, you can trust our work.

Why Brooks Construction?

Perth’s deluxe two storey home builders

Every individual, couple, or family is unique. They have their own idea of what it takes to make the perfect home. Some know the features they want in their new homes while others need more inspiration and guidance to fully develop the ideas they have in mind. As custom home builders, we give our clients in Perth the flexibility in options that they need to make their new home their own.


The details that make each luxury home stand apart from the rest are the features that reflect the taste and lifestyles of the homeowner. Brooks Construction are the complete professionals for designing and building luxury homes. We focus on giving every client the custom home they have always dreamed of. The fact is that true luxury means something different to everyone. For some people, location is the most important factor. Others are more interested in modern style. We start every job by listening to our clients to learn what is important to them.


When the time is right to start to begin planning and constructing a dream home, let the premium home builders who have been setting the standard in luxury and quality for years handle the project. Our areas of speciality are in luxury homes, custom homes, and 2 storey homes. Let’s create something great together!