5 Materials That Will Add Luxury to Your Home Design

Some building materials have long been associated with luxury and high-end homes. Imported marble floors and ornate crown moulding are no longer the only options for creating high-end homes. Many luxury home builders incorporate alternative building materials into their designs which look authentic. Some are even more durable than the real thing. We have used a wide variety of materials in the luxury homes we have built in Perth and we continue to keep up with the latest trends.


These are some of the materials that will add luxury to any home.



Limestone or Porcelain Flooring

Limestone has gained popularity as a flooring material that is both durable and cost-effective. The versatility of the material makes it a good choice for any room of the house and even for outside areas. Another option is look-alike porcelain tiles that are less porous and even more durable. To turn limestone or porcelain flooring into a true luxury material, add radiant heat. No more having to cover the beautiful flooring with rugs to make it comfortable!



Textured  Walls

Wallpaper has come a long way, with many styles made to create instant texture to any wall. Some are made from luxury fabrics such as silk, leather, or suede, making them a good choice for an accent wall. Panelling, texture paint, and the application of compounds to the walls can also be used to create interest and give more depth to the entire room.



Don’t Skimp on the Front Door

The front door is the first chance for any home to make an impression on visitors. Entry doors are designed to serve a broad range of purposes today. They prevent intruders from gaining entry into the home. A modern door is designed to optimise energy use by keeping treated air inside and untreated air outdoors where it belongs. The development of stronger materials has also made entry doors more resistant to harsh weather conditions so they retain their good looks a lot longer. A good quality door can do this and contribute to the overall beauty of the home. This theme should continue with the interior doors. The entry into every room should be carefully considered for convenience and style.



Opt for Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture is designed to provide custom storage solutions that fit the house and its owner. Once the job of the luxury home builders is complete, the new homeowner will want to add the perfect final touch with customised furniture. Bespoke furniture is a stylish option that also provides practical storage solutions.



Consider Materials with a Low Environmental Impact

Everyone is concerned about the impact that the construction and use of building materials have on the environment today. One popular material being used to build new homes in Australia today is rammed earth. This material is made by “ramming” gravel, silt, sand, and clay into place between panels to create formwork. Modern versions of the material often contain a small amount of cement for added strength and durability. Rammed earth that is made on-site requires little energy to construct. The final appearance of the material is determined by the materials used. Often, the materials used by luxury home builders will contain colouring and/or have stones or other objects placed in the wall for a more decorative appearance.


The best way to add luxury to any home is to choose the design, features, and materials that are right for the owner. New clients should consider what they want to accomplish before discussing the house plan with the luxury builders who will design and construct their luxury home. Giving some thought to priorities could lead to some surprising discoveries.


Luxury isn’t just a matter of incorporating high-end appliances and the most advanced features in a house plan. It’s about creating a home that facilitates the owner’s preferred way of life. That can include everything from the use of custom colours to the ideal display of their most prized possession. It’s the details that continue to bring a smile to the house owner’s face long after the construction is complete that truly make a home a luxury.