The Advantages of Building a New Home Rather than Buying an Existing One

Building a new home may feel like a daunting process and something many people avoid out of fear. However, even with longer waiting times and council approval there are significant advantages to building rather than purchasing an existing property.


By choosing an experienced, and trustworthy builder you will be gaining a unique home which caters to your needs, both now and in the future. If you choose Brooks Construction we will be with you every step of the way, and ensure it is a stress free experience.


The Creative Process


Imagine your dream home. Perhaps you have always wanted a pool, an oversized balcony, marble counter tops or large open spaces. Often when you are searching for an existing property, you will find it ticks some of the boxes…but not all of them. Building your own custom designed home means you have involvement in all aspects of the creative process. You can choose everything from the location of your land, to the light fittings and colour scheme.


Financial Incentives


When building a new home, there are possible financial incentives and concessions available. Those eligible in WA may receive a first home owners grant or a reduction in stamp duty. Building a new home may be about creating a space you love, but it can still be a financially sound investment. When done right, you will be able to have a higher resale value in the event that you may one day sell your home.


Take out the Competition


Finding the “right” established home for your lifestyle can take time, often with disappointment along the way. Your weekends will be spent viewing properties, and bidding at auctions. The house you fall in love with, could just be snapped up by somebody else, putting you back to where you started. Instead, take out the competition, and choose where YOU want to live!


Move in and Enjoy


When you build a new home, there is no need for renovations. Simply move in, pour yourself a glass of champagne and enjoy! Often older homes require some amount of work, and there is the risk of mould, pests, asbestos, lead paint and faulty or old plumbing and wiring.

A new property will include a range of warranties, which could save you from a range of potential maintenance issues. At Brooks Construction we only use the most advanced materials to ensure your home is of the highest quality.


Energy Saving Options


With high electricity prices, sustainable options are often an important consideration for homeowners. By implementing energy saving strategies from the start, you can gain the benefits of an energy efficient home. Even the landscaping can be done right, with water saving plants and shade in all the right places.


The Wrap Up


Your new home can be built to complement your personality and our experienced staff can help you with an existing plan, or design something truly unique. At Brooks Construction our team of luxury builders will be there to support you throughout every stage.

Our building process is clear and it is our goal to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a quality home builder in Perth, please contact us today.