How to Choose the Right Lighting for Each Space in Your New Home

The lighting you choose for each space in your home can make a real difference to the function and feel of the room. The right lights will depend on the style of your home, as well as the individual areas where they will be installed. Your home should have a combination of task lighting, ambience and decorative pieces. Don’t forget to consider your home’s energy efficiency as well when making your final decision.

To make the task easier, we have compiled our top tips to help you decide which lighting should go where:


The Kitchen and Dining Room


The kitchen is the hub of the home and is a multipurpose space for both entertaining and cooking. A mix of lighting styles is welcomed here and could include low hanging pendants, spotlights and counter lights. The layout of your kitchen and dining area will dictate the design, as you need to select a style which complements your furniture. Create a focal point over your table to give your home a unique twist.


The Living Room


Your living room lighting should be both functional and decorative. A dimmer switch is a smart choice as it will give you the option for reading, gaming, family time or quietly watching a movie. The lighting should enhance any artwork and sconces are a suitable option. In the living room consider adding portable options such as table lamps or floor lamps. These are not only convenient but are visually pleasing.


The Bedrooms


In the bedroom bedside lamps are going to be essential. These can either be portable or attached to the wall and planning your power points during the building and design stages will make installation much easier. In children’s bedrooms night lighting may be a priority, and if you find sleeping during summer uncomfortable ceiling fans can be used. Ceiling fans no longer have to be clunky and ugly as there are now modern designs available which come complete with quality lighting.


The Bathroom


The lighting in your bathroom should be free from any glare or shadows, as you will want your personal grooming in front of the mirror to be error free. Lights with multiple brightness settings will be useful for applying makeup, while still giving you the option for a relaxing bath in a dimly lit room. It is also worth considering heated lamps for a luxury touch as they will help you to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings!


The Entry


The entryway is your chance to make a statement and give your visitors the right first impression. Any lighting choices should be both welcoming and decorative and show off your personal style. Chandeliers are a popular choice for this space, but you do need to be conscious of the size of the area as oversized lighting can quickly overtake a small room. Don’t forget the outdoor lighting leading up to the front door. Security lighting will provide safety for your home at night and stop your guests from tripping over as they approach your doorway.

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