How to Maximise the Resale Value of Your Home

When you are planning the design and construction of your new home, you may only be thinking about the short term. While this is a time to choose a custom style that suits your individual needs, in the future you may decide to sell your home and the choices you make now could affect the resale value. When you consider the following design elements you will not only have a space you love, but something which will be appealing to any future buyers. Don’t forget, where you choose to build can be just as important as how you build.


Let There Be Light


No one wants to come home to a dark and gloomy space, and a house with adequate lighting will be warm and inviting. Large windows in the right location will give you better climate control, while energy saving yet attractive lighting fixtures will tick all the right boxes.


The Curb Appeal


First impressions count, and the outside can be just as important as the inside. Make the entrance appealing with a verandah or porch, and invest in landscaping to boost the value of your home.

Consider adding a pergola, lawn and paving to create an outdoor area which can be enjoyed for many years to come. Surprisingly, swimming pools do not add as much value as you would expect. They may be enjoyable for some, but for others the maintenance is too much. A future potential buyer may feel as though removing a pool may just be an added expense they don’t need.


Stick to Neutrals


Neutral colours are always in style, and sticking to whites and greys will keep your home looking fresh. Choose one colour palette and stick to it, while staying away from obscure trends.

If you are dreaming of a bit of brightness, you can either do this with accessories or opt for a coloured feature wall. Paint colour can always be changed but avoid bold tiles and cupboards as they will likely require a complete overhaul when it’s time to sell.


The Floor Has It


Quality flooring is something worth investing in and will withstand more wear and tear than a cheaper alternative. Classic wooden floors will always add value to your home, while tiles will give a clean, modern finish.

Laminate flooring will need replacing long before the alternatives while a luxuriously plush carpet will feel better underfoot and can be cleaned over and over again.


Be Energy Efficient


Energy efficient appliances will save you money every time you use them. You will be instantly adding value to your home with every energy saving measure you make. Plus, no one wants an uneconomical, budget dishwasher when they purchase a new property. If you have the funds, solar panels and solar heating are worth the investment as they will pay for themselves over time.


Spacious Living


Your floorplan is something you will appreciate planning properly. Wall placement is key, and open spaces will make your home feel bigger than it is. This can be enhanced by the way you style your home, the right furniture choices and the way you arrange them can make all the difference. The size and position of your block will determine whether a one storey or two storey home is more suitable, as this is also something which will affect the sense of space within.


The Kitchen and Bathroom


The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most crucial spaces within the home. The kitchen is the central hub for any family, and bench space, adequate storage and the right appliances will set the scene for an impressive room.

Once again, stick to the neutrals and add features such as marble bench tops for a touch of glamour. An ensuite attached to the master bedroom is a must for any new build, and you can add luxury with a spa bath for that hotel at home feeling. At Brooks Construction our experienced staff can create the home of your dreams in WA. Our building process is straightforward and we will help you to make the right choices for your new investment.

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