Your perfect home doesn’t have to be a dream

If you have ever walked around a home display village, you’ve probably found your perfect home, but it’s often in 3 or more locations. This one has the perfect kitchen, that one has a wonderful master suite, the other one has a great study area for the kids. The trouble with buying off the plan is that you’re buying a home that’s been designed to a formula and budget.


Buying off the plan, allows you to choose a colour scheme and perhaps some fittings, you may even be able to make some small adjustments to the plans. The trouble is deviating too much from the original design means costs start to mount up very quickly. That’s why partnering with a Perth based custom home builder is the best way to build the home of your dreams, and it represents excellent value for money.


The problem with building for a standard family


The lovely thing about families is that they’re all different. A family can range from couples with a busy lifestyle to empty nesters and everything in between. Most off the plan homes are designed with 2 adults and 2 children in mind. Don’t need the 4th bedroom? You can make it into a study, need a bigger kitchen? You have to lose some of the living area. Wouldn’t it just be better to build a home that meets the needs of your family and lifestyle and get it right the first time?


The beauty of a custom built home


At Brooks Construction, before we start, we focus the initial discussion on the features that you want to include in your new home. Harnessing all of the ideas can be a challenge, which is why it helps that we have an experienced designer on our team. We will guide you through the constraints of your block and your budget, and bring the elements of your ideas and must have’s together into a cohesive design.


We take the time to help you clarify your current and future lifestyle, and evaluate the choices available. Once you understand what you want your new home to deliver, you can start prioritising the various options and deciding on a personalised design that inspires and delights you. We call this the fun stage because this is where you get to select the finishes, fit-outs and special features you want to include in your new home.

Partner with a professional


It’s important to partner with an experienced builder who specialises in custom, luxury or multi-level homes. A builder who understands the building codes, regulations and planning applications, who will take care of every aspect of the build from concept through to completion. We are a custom home builder with a track record in building customised homes that stretches over decades.


If you’re planning to build the home of your dreams and want to partner with a skilled and knowledgeable builder who will take care of you every step of the way, talk to the Brooks Construction team on 08 6241 1500.