Single Storey vs. Double Story Homes in Perth

One of the first choices a client will need to make about the design of their new home is whether it will be one storey or two. For the right candidate, a 2 storey home can offer a number of advantages. Some of the factors we will discuss with the client are:



Size of the Block

Building vertically is a simple solution for increasing living space without buying a bigger block of land. Sometimes buyers opt for smaller blocks to get the land for their new house in the neighbourhood of choice or they may simply want to reduce their cost. A 2-storey home will allow them to get the configuration they want while within a smaller area.



Wide Choice of Designs

Play areas for children, pet-friendly zones, bedrooms, and game rooms are just some of the features that can be skillfully manoeuvred to create the most convenience and a more peaceful atmosphere for the residents who need a little more peace and quiet.



Stage of Life

Two storey homes are often more popular among those with older children who may require some degree of privacy than those with young children. Retirees may often be resistant to the idea of climbing stairs every day.



Enhanced Views

May of Perth’s smaller blocks come with incredible views over the Indian Ocean, Swan River or even a local suburban park. A two storey home may add the extra height needed to make the most of them. Picture windows and balconies are some of the features that can further enhance the view from the area of the home with the best viewing options.



More Yard

Some people prefer to have less lawn to mow while others want more space for outdoor entertaining or a big yard where the children can play. A two storey home will leave more yard space for any use.



Building Limitations

Some subdivisions have specified areas where only 2 storey houses can be built. This continuity of design can increase aesthetic appeal and increase property values.



The Newest Trend

For many people, the goal is to build a home that is modern, luxurious, and the latest thing! This puts 2 storey homes at the top of the list based on design alone. Angles and pitch can be used to create asymmetrical skylines for modern interest. Barriers and offset designs can create personal space for more privacy for some family members. Large enclosed garages are becoming increasingly popular along with using added space to build indoor fitness rooms, indoor or outdoor saunas, and basketball courts or tennis courts.