Tips for Designing the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area

When you finally have the opportunity to build the luxury home you have been dreaming of, you don’t want to ruin it with an unfinished outdoor area. Creating the perfect space for outdoor entertaining takes some planning but the effort will be well worth it. Here are our top tips for seamlessly combining the inside with the outside.


Your Outdoor Lifestyle


Before you get started you will need to understand the function of the entertainment area. Consider how much room you have, the location and what it will be used for. Perhaps you require a space which is child friendly or are looking for something with a natural setting. Your theme should complement your home, for example it could be industrial, rustic, modern or classic and you can utilise what is already there or create something from scratch. The right position is essential, and factors to consider will be the weather and the layout of your home. Remember, you want a space which can be easily accessible from the kitchen, so you can whip up a salad to go with your BBQ lunch. Your outdoor entertainment area may be limited due to size, but there are innovative ways to make a small space look bigger than it is.


The Importance of Layout


Just as you would spend time designing the floor plan of your home, you should make the effort to create an architectural design for your outdoor area and garden. This will allow you to best utilise the size and location while having it set up for proper use. Think about child safety, privacy, features, decor and plants as these will all form a part of the bigger picture. This may be the time to consult with a landscaper but can also be arranged as part of your initial home build. Any flooring needs to be sturdy and slip proof, mud resistant and well drained. Depending on the style you have chosen you may prefer sealed stone pavers or timber but try to avoid trends and stick to the classics. Consider low maintenance garden options such as evergreen trees and shrubs and potted plants.


Know the Climate


Where you live is just as important as how you live. Extreme weather will deter you from using your outdoor entertainment area but there are ways to make it more enjoyable all year round. For sun protection offer extra features such as shade, ceiling fans and pull down blinds. You may even like to include a pool to help cool down during summer. In winter a fire pit creates ambience and gives you the experience of camping without leaving the comfort of your own backyard.


The Little Extras


Finish your outdoor entertaining area with solar lights, comfortable weather resistant seating and an outdoor kitchen. If space allows, an alfresco area with an included bar fridge, sink and cupboard to go with your BBQ will offer you and your guests the ultimate entertaining experience. Every garden should have a focal point, this could be a unique statue, water feature, retaining walls, television or artwork.

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