Perth's Specialist Custom Home Builder

As long-time custom home builders, we understand what it takes to make every home something more to the individual than every other existing house in Perth can be. Any house can provide shelter, a place to sleep, and even a place to entertain friends. The difference in a unique home is that every feature inside and outside reflects the lifestyle of the residents. Each and every detail should reflect the tastes, preferences, and personality traits of the person who lives inside its walls.

By definition, no two custom homes in Perth should be exactly the same. Our Initial and construction processes provide us with the opportunities we need to make sure they aren’t.


During the Initial Process, we will work with the client to create the perfect plans for their new home. All of the details will be determined from the location and style of architectural features to the materials used to cover the floors and construct the walls.


A good place to start is with a folder filled with ideas of features that the client likes. Some of the most creative ideas come from magazines or catalogues that feature modern furnishings. Homebuilding magazines often feature the same ideas over and over again. The bits and pieces that come from a variety of sources are valuable tools that may be implemented into an entirely different customised design.

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See how our past clients have used Brooks’ experience to build their perfect individually designed homes.

Another place that new homeowners get ideas is from the features that they don’t like in their current home. Many of the clients who come to Brooks Construction for custom built homes have already had us build one or two homes for them in Perth. Their lifestyles or their needs for space may change over time. The very details that cause them to build again may be the most significant details included in the home design.


Once the construction process begins, the home will be built to reflect the design and the materials applied to create the desired effect. The client will determine the style of cabinetry, the finish for the walls, and the style of tiling for the swimming pool. Our team of professional builders will turn the custom plan into a personalised home that is a one-of-a-kind design.


The setting will often play a role in the overall design of a new custom home. Sometimes a balance between optimising the local scenery and retaining a higher level of privacy is required. For Perth homes that overlook the beach, whether they are single or double storey, both design of architecture and the materials used can be used to provide the feel of a beachside home. The new homeowner may also need to have the house design made to fit an existing block to optimise their space and the surrounding views.


Once the client has made the appointment for their initial visit with us, they should bring all of their ideas along including the information about the Perth block that they already own. This is the first step in the custom design process and our time to shine! The steps in our initial and construction processes have proven to be effective at designing, developing, and constructing personalised homes that are exactly what the client wanted.


At Brooks Construction, we rely on our advanced Archicad software to create the ideal design to reflect each client’s personality and the setting where the house will be located. Future homeowners can take a virtual walk through their home and make last minute decisions about any changes they believe need to be made. Any difficulty in determining which finish will look the best can still be changed. We make the trip from imagination to reality as productive as possible to optimise each house design before the construction phase begins.


Once any individual has reached the point in life where they are financially secure and ready to make more choices about how they live, we can create the home that will make living in Perth the luxurious lifestyle that they have dreamed of. A custom home is the only way to create a haven that promotes a more enjoyable style of living.  It is a reward for a job well done.  The construction of a unique home will turn a new house into a little slice of heaven.


Brooks Construction has more than 35 years of experience as custom home builders. We know what it means to every client to have a home that exudes excellence from every angle. Our expertise ensures that the design we use to start and end the construction phase will be the perfect representation for the homeowner and their families. Nothing offers a greater level of luxury than a home built by custom design.