Common Questions…

Is it a cheaper option to add on, rather than move?

Generally yes, especially when you take into account costs of moving, selling fees, re-establishment and government fees, such as stamp duty, etc.

Will my new addition "fit in" with my existing home?

Brooks takes care to design and build to match your home.

How long will the project take?

An average addition takes around 8 weeks.

Do you handle everything, or are there some things I need to do?

With Brooks, your only tasks are selections of material colours (e.g. ceramic tiles) and arranging payments.

Do I need to move out while construction takes place?

In most cases we can isolate affected areas.

Who handles council and other approvals, and building insurance?

Brooks take care of all approvals and building insurance.

When can you start?
As soon as Council approval is granted for the project, there is no waiting.