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We are complete luxury home builders who use a proven design and construction process to build dream homes in the trendiest spots in Perth. We offer a complete bespoke design service that ensures we start with the perfectly detailed blueprint that will instruct us on how to build the right home. We put our skills and experience to work to provide each client with the features and amenities that complement an affluent lifestyle.

Starting with an exemplary design is the most important step in the overall building process. Every detail needs to be considered, every opportunity taken. Nothing gives us more pleasure or a greater sense of satisfaction than turning a client’s dream home into a reality. We accomplish this by listening to what the client has to say and working with them to translate their ideas into a real working plan.


Our step-by-step design process ensures that we get every detail right from crafting an original design to applying the last drop of paint. The best materials are put to use by skilled craftsmen, many of which we have worked with for years. We know the value of qualified help when it comes to something as significant as building a luxury home. Each of our people will apply the attention to detail that will result in a professional quality job.


We have built hundreds of luxury homes in Perth, including second and third homes for some of the same clients. Sometimes the residents outgrow their existing homes and their lifestyles, leading to the need for a more modern, innovative design to reflect their growing needs. In other cases, the homeowner may decide that they simply want something different than what they already have. As their choice in luxury builders, we work with them to determine the changes necessary to accommodate their new lifestyle. Whether it is a matter of improving comfort or incorporating more extravagant modern details, we will help them determine what it takes to build their ultimate home.

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See how our past clients have used Brooks’ experience to build their perfect individually designed homes.

Before a client makes their appointment for their initial meeting, they should think about what defines a luxury home for them. For some, it is the clever use of modern architecture. Others prefer to fill their home with the latest in technology and appliances. In the end, the design should include a balance between classic style and modern convenience that will result in a timeless appearance inside and out. Classifying a home as a “luxury” should mean more than the price tag for building it. Luxury is a style of living that includes the features and atmosphere that appeal most to the homeowner.


We understand that looking at a home design in diagram form can be difficult to interpret. Our use of Archicad software allows us to take clients on a virtual tour of their home before the first step in construction has ever been made. Realistic imaging lets them see what their choices look like in application so they can decide if they are getting the true effect that they want. Creating and fine-tuning the design will prepare us to start the construction phase with the most accurate design plan possible.


We embrace our position as premium home builders as a responsibility to our clients to build a home that is all about them. Building a personalised home goes well beyond checking the listings of homes available in Perth and buying the one that stands out the most. A home should be a perfect fit for the person who has determined what its style and features should be. Our proven process, quality craftsmen, and exceptional skills combine to create a luxury home that is just as grand in reality as it is during the creative and design phase.


We take care of all the details such as obtaining permits and licences as required in Perth. Once everything is in place, we are ready to get to work. All the client has to worry about is choosing the materials and colours needed to complete the job and watching their new home grow.
Building a luxury home is a big decision for anyone. The task comes with a great deal of hope and expectation. Choosing the prestige builders familiar with the styles and practices in Perth should not be taken lightly. Brooks Construction has the experience and proven process for building bespoke luxury homes that fit with the atmosphere and also reflect the qualities that matter the most to the client.


Anyone who wants to make the most of their space in Perth should leave it to the design and construction experts at Brooks Construction. Contact the luxury home builders who have gotten exceptional results for hundreds of other new homeowners in Perth. We can get the same quality results for you!