Home renovations are a great way of adding more of what a homeowner likes about their living space or incorporating new modern features to update the style. Whenever there are more reasons to stay in the same house than there are to move, renovating or refurbishing an existing living space is a cost-effective way to update and add value to the property. Choosing Brooks Construction as the home builders to renovate any home is the most practical choice of all!

A good renovation does more than add space to an existing floor plan. It requires careful and strategic planning to make sure the job does what the homeowner has set out to accomplish. It’s like adding new pieces to the puzzle to get a bigger picture that still fits together!


We take the same approach to renovations as we do to creating a new home construction. We start by listening to the client’s ideas and concerns for the new design. We then create a plan that implements their ideas into a cohesive pattern that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

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See how our past clients have used Brooks’ experience to build their perfect individually designed homes.

Sometimes change can be a good thing. When it comes to changing the features of a home, it can mean a more modern appearance, more efficient use of space, better energy use, or an increase in privacy. We know the details that should be included in every renovation and those that would only add an unnecessary expense.


When change becomes a necessity, we help clients achieve the custom changes they want with as little disruption to their lives as possible.  We will work in the most economical way without compromising the quality of materials, design, or workmanship. Brooks Construction is the right choice in home builders for anyone in Perth who wants quality renovations that fit the home and the owner!