Building Impressive Two Storey Homes in Perth WA

At Brooks Construction, we understand the importance of building 2 storey homes that make a unique statement among the many multi-level homes that have emerged throughout Perth over recent years. We collaborate with clients to determine what style of home will meet their needs for style, space, and other factors that will contribute to a comfortable lifestyle.

The best approach to building a modern multilevel house is to retain a number of design features that give it a classic, timeless appearance. There are many advantages to having a home with more than one level as long as it isn’t easy to determine the building’s age from its appearance. Not only will this result in an “aged” home in a matter of a few years; it will also make its value more predictable to potential buyers. Our extensive history of designing and building unique 2-story homes is one of the most valuable qualities we bring to the job. We can work with the client to design a home that will have a higher immediate value at the time of completion and years down the road.


Two storey homes are becoming increasingly popular today, especially in the newly developed areas of Perth. As 2 storey home builders who offer customisation to the 2 storey home design and to the landscape, we increase the number of advantages these homes bring to all types of living situations. From the inside, the home will offer the space and amenities that make it a luxury home. From the outside, it will be the perfect companion to the landscape, the size of the block, and the style of the area.


One modern trend that 2-storey home builders are seeing throughout Perth is the use of multi-level homes to combine togetherness and separation. The right deign can create separate living areas that can serve as home to various members of the family who require some degree of independence. At the same time, there may be common areas where all members of the household can enjoy time together.

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Another benefit of having a 2 storey house built is that it can be more cost-effective to have two stories than to build a larger single storey structure. Often, the addition of the second storey is comparable to a renovation. It is also a good way to increase the amount of space inside and outside when building on a small block and add a touch of luxury. Increase storage space indoors or focus on a bigger backyard and a swimming pool outside. There are many ways that a home with two levels can add to the design potential for the homeowner.


The location will be a determining factor in whether a home should be built with one level or two. Some buyers prefer to buy a smaller block in a more desirable area where land costs more or only small blocks are available. As luxury two storey home builders who are familiar with the building sites in Perth, we can help clients with the ideal design for the block and for their needs. Building a luxury home means implementing the features that will reflect the lifestyle and tastes of the owner into a unique two-storey design.


The versatility of double storey homes makes them equally appealing to growing families as they are to grandparents who want plenty of room for visiting grandchildren. The home builder’s life stage will dictate the design of the home and which type of layout will be the most convenient to them.


At Brooks Construction, we focus on the features that will make double storey homes right for the individual client. Each home is made using the finest materials and workmanship for a home that really stands out. Let us create a home design that begins with your ideas and turn it into a real work of art.
We specialise in building custom luxury homes with the future owner in mind. Like any luxury home, those that have two stories need to be well thought out to serve the greatest purpose. Not only will the location of each room need to be considered, but the architectural details, colours, and materials as well. As experienced 2 storey home builders, we know how to work with each client and consider the notes and ideas that they bring to the table. We make every effort to understand what they want to accomplish and incorporate the unique details into their design for a personalised home.


Once we have completed the design, we will use state of the art Archicad software to provide a virtual view of what the finished project will look like. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence and the kind of personal service that makes designing a custom home a more accurate and enjoyable process. Each 2-storey home is designed to optimise space and the surroundings for a luxury home that will be a true joy to live in.